Friday, May 09, 2008

It Could Have Been Worse

Who knew the skid steer had headlights for working after dark?

Once I found that out, I decided to finish the job I'd started. So there I was, alone in the darkened yard, moving bucket after bucket of dirt, when it happened. I accidentally left my heel on the pedal that raises the bucket and it soared into the air--much too high. At the same instant, I drove up an incline at the base of a dirt pile, and the combination caused the machine to actually tip up and backwards.

I was doing a wheelie.

In a Bobcat.

I knew I was no longer level with the ground and I was instantly grateful for the seat belt and roll cage around me, but before I had a chance to react, the bucket of dirt--now directly over my head--began to empty out backwards.

Like a shower.

Of dirt.

Now the logical thing to do would have been to simply lower the bucket again, but I was rightfully stunned at the cascade of rich, brown soil raining on my head (thankfully covered with a bandana), filling the open hood of my jacket and sifting heavily down through every layer--EVERY layer--of my clothing. It was like an instant weight gain program--only without the lovely sweets.

Like a playground teeter-totter, as soon as the bucket had emptied enough of its load onto my head, the front wheels of the machine gently lowered back down to the ground. I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed what had just happened. No one was in sight. I sat there for a moment, dirt continuing to sift through the metal grate above me, onto my head and down through my clothes.

After a moment of sitting in disbelief, though, I decided that I may as well finish the job before going in to get cleaned up. So I did. Every jarring motion of the machine sent more dirt through my layers, but it wasn't so bad after a while. It was a little uncomfortable, but I knew it would clean up just fine. It wasn't mud or grime, just loose soil.

When I finally climbed out of the machine and walked to the house, I left a sprinkled trail of dirt, marking my path. I opened the front door a crack, told my funny story to Andy and Dad C., then asked for my bathrobe. With the porchlight off, it is dark at night in the country, so I stripped down to my birthday suit right there on the front porch, shook out each item of clothing, wrapped my robe around me and then came in for some laughter and a hot bubble bath.

Life would be so dull without these occasional mishaps, right?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious!!! I laughed out loud all the way through reading it. I'm so glad you weren't hurt. What a grand experience!

alison said...

At least you don't have to put this particular experience on the resume.

I felt so itchy reading this. Painful. Good girl, finishing the job.

strider1971 said...

sounds like it was fun in all. i have always known you to like getting dirty so you'd probably like to do it again. lol;

Chad said...

I had the same situation when I was working for Forest Home, the only difference was the load I was moving was from the stables.......