Monday, May 19, 2008

Full Speed Ahead

It's been a week since I posted. Whoosh.

It's late and I'm tired, but here are a few notes:

- A carpenter friend of Andy's is here for two weeks to help with the remodel project. His presence has been a real boost to Andy and the project is rocking and rolling. Roof trusses are up. I'll post more photos soon.

- The weather has been beyond Spring-like the last several days. We have had five days straight where the afternoon temperature was in the 80's, and Saturday we hit the low 90's. It's been gorgeous. I've not wanted to be indoors more than absolutely necessary. It is supposed to change tomorrow, though, dropping back down twenty degrees and starting to rain steadily for the rest of the week. Of course the weather should take a turn for the worse tomorrow; there is a baseball game.

- The warm temperatures have caused the mountain snow pack to begin to melt very rapidly, the mountain streams rushing down the hillsides and filling the river. We have watched the river rise dramatically day by day--hour by hour, even. It has overflowed its banks and is now flooding the low areas. The parking area for the local river access swimming hole is completely under water.

- I am thoroughly enjoying my bike and have decided not to sell it. Saturday night, Andy and I went on a bike ride--a very cheap date--and comfortably rode nine miles. Sunday night, the kids went along and we logged eight miles fairly easily. Turns out, Elli's stuffed animals love to ride in the basket on the front, the wind ruffling their fur. It makes them feel alive.

- Andy's brother and his family arrive this weekend to help us go through Dad and Mom C.'s stuff. It should be a good, though difficult, weekend.

- I am shamefully overdue for a public word of gratitude to silent lurker Stephanie and her family, who hosted me so graciously when I was in Gig Harbor (Seattle-ish) for a night last month. It was great to catch up with them and hang out. Thanks, Steph!

- I am way behind on dishes and laundry right now. Not good.

- After several distractions and now returning to this post an hour after I started it, I find that I am still up and the dishes are still not done. Really not good. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

It's baseball season which means the laundry, dishes, errands, housework in general never get done. In addition, my family is one Carl's Jr. burger away from scurvy after 2 1/2 months of baseball practice/games 5-6 nights a week. So, take heart my friend. You're not alone. We too, will be cheering on our eldest in the rain at his game tonight. I'll be thinking about you... Laura

Sherry C said...


Yes, baseball season is partly to blame, that is for sure. How is a family supposed to be at the field for practice or warm-ups before the game--at 5:00? My kids don't even walk in the door after school until a few minutes after 4:00. It's craziness.

I'm sorry to hear about your family's close brush with scurvy. Just be grateful for that Carls Jr., my friend. I think if we had fast food nearby, I'd be willing to take the risk.

Elli wants to play next year, so we, too, will be doing the two player shuffle, come Spring.

How is Trey doing with his team? I hope he is having a better experience for this second half of the season than he did for the first. Remind him for me...What Would Jackie Do?

I'll be thinking of you, too, tonight.

Anonymous said...

Project "rockin abnd rollin?" I thought that was the Bobcat last week! Glad to hear things are going fine. Dishes and laundry "keep," at least for a while.

I atarted my new job today. Went well.
Uncle Ed

strider1971 said...

well you can get all done and will one way or another. been reading here and there and trying to stay busy. wishing we could see you all again some time it was fun last time you and your kids were here