Monday, May 12, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

We have been serious bargain shoppers as we do this remodel. Our new best friends have become Craig's List, the newspaper classified ads, garage sales and the used building materials salvage yard.

Some of the deals we have snagged include:

$2500 worth of roofing trusses--PAID $250
$350 worth of tile backer board--PAID $100
$350 worth of assorted necessary building materials--PAID $100
$200 worth of bathroom sinks--PAID $15
$1500 corner Jacuzzi brand tub (with $200 fixtures)--PAID $500

That's $5100 worth of stuff for $965. Not too shabby.

Things we've managed to pick up for free include:

- an industrial tile saw
- a gorgeous oversized pedestal sink for the guest bath
- a hot tub
- an extra washer/dryer set in very good condition (we don't need this and will sell it)

We also have some deeply discounted energy-saver windows on their way here.

And then just this morning, I found the kitchen sink, too, at the salvage yard. It is in excellent condition, and with very minimal cleaning, it will look brand new. It is this sink, by Kohler. It is extra deep and retails for around $400. I paid $20. Score.

Next, I'm off to to look for a faucet to go with it. UPDATE: I like this one very much, and that's a very good price.

I do love a bargain. My inner rebel feels like she is cheating the system somehow, and to my inner competitor, it feels like winning.

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Mister Ed T said...

Good for you! Now could you come help us do the same?