Monday, May 26, 2008

Cyber Cleaning

It was a Skype and webcam weekend for us. Andy's brother and his family came to help us sort through and divide up Mom and Dad C.'s belongings that Dad will no longer be needing, now that he is living with us instead of filling an entire home. Andy's sis, Ruth, was unable to come, so we web-conferenced the entire process, Saturday afternoon and evening and again Sunday afternoon and evening. A camera was set up on each end, at her place in Vancouver, BC, and upstairs in our shop building, where we have been storing everything.

We had a few technical glitches here and there, but for the most part it worked beautifully. We were able to discuss individual items, laugh a lot together as a group, and make a million little decisions. It was almost as good as having her here in person.

It is a heart-wrenching thing to break up housekeeping like that and divide up a lifetime of memories, but it was a good process overall. Dad C. was able to participate and claim the things he cannot part with and everyone minded their manners. No fist fights occured--virtual or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Glad there were no cyber fights. Reminds me of when we were doing the same thing at the same house. No hi-tech stu;ff that time.
Uncle Ed

Anonymous said...

I find it quite thought-provoking to realize that "homestead" has been through this ordeal twice -- both times because of the loss (and homegoing) of the one who was "Mom" and "Grandma", but on different sides of the family at-large. Memorial Day . . . a time for memories.

Sherry C said...

Uncle Ed and Mom,

Yes, I thought of our time here before quite a bit. At one point, Dad C. wanted Karen and I to go through the contents of her cedar chest, which is in the master bedroom. It was quite the deja vu.

Sherry C said...

BTW Ruth,

That cedar chest only had fabric in it. Karen took most of the usable pieces, since she actually sews, and the rest we put in the rummage pile. I took some smaller scraps for Elle to make into doll clothes. Of course, she is thrilled beyond belief and I had to go find needle and thread from storage so she could get started. The green fabric I already spoke to you about is the only thing I thought you'd have any interest in, so you didn't miss out on much by not being there for that part.