Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have been wanting to have a cook-out for a week and a half now. Every evening there has been some reason why we can't. Either the weather has not cooperated, or there has been a baseball practice, or a baseball game, or well, that pretty much sums up our life lately--baseball and rain.

Tonight, Steve's last night here, we decided we would cook out. Of course, we decided this when the sun was shining and puffy white clouds graced a gorgeous blue sky.

By the time I needed to get the campfire started, the graceful, puffy clouds had turned dark and heavy. The thunder began to rumble in the distance. Drake the Valiant began to run to and fro across the property, muzzle raised to the sky, teeth bared, barking fiercely in his usual attempt to scare the villainous thunder from the yard.

By dinner time, it was raining.

I had no other dinner plans.

The kids suggested we cook in, rather than cook out. Good plan. I made a fire in the fireplace in the living room and we cooked brats, s'mores and our special campfire pretzels. It was really quite pleasant, and we are all a little cleaner than we generally are after a cook-out.

I'm sure we will do this again, even if it is just to make dessert. The all-weather campfire. I like it.

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Dan said...

I've done that before myself. For awhile, I kept a camp grill tucked away to the side of the fireplace (I am a bachelor after all--who's going to tell me not to?) :-)

I've grilled a steak several times over coals in my fire place in the middle of winter. Very satisfying, and it sure makes a tastier than normal steak.

By the way...I never did reply to your question about the woodworking. I would love to, but when he's planning his class I'm in full swing with the symphony and it's hard to get away, alas, alack!