Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two, Three Sick Puppies

About ten o'clock yesterday morning, Andy went down. He battled fever and chills for the rest of the day, as Grandpa and I took the kids out for Elli's birthday.

When we got home and he wasn't any better, I decided to spend another night in the recliner, assuming his nausea would hit any time and I would be available to help care for him.

But by about 1:30 AM, it was becoming obvious that I might be going down, as well. What a mighty fall it was. I have only been this sick a couple of other times in my entire life. From three o'clock this morning to sometime after noon, I was hanging over a buckt every half-hour to hour, then getting up to clean myself up and rinse out my bucket. Between sessions, the body aches were so severe that I couldn't get comfortable enough to catch any rest.

I am sitting part way up now, cautiously experimenting with little sips of water. Andy is still horizontal on the couch. His nausea never came, but the fever has wiped him out.

I have been so grateful for Grandpa's presence to care for the kids today, but I am very concerned that he might be next. Tano is in the danger zone, too. Also, my grandpa, Ron, joined us for dinner last night. Not knowing I was getting sick, I held his hand during prayer and gave him a hug good-bye afterward. In retrospect, I suppose that was foolish of me. I hate to think of him being this sick all alone at his house, but I have to stay here to care for this bunch.

Also, our housemates are scheduled to return this evening. I am going to call them to warn them of the situation here. It's not pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Who makes the food to feed an army when you are one of the sick puppies?