Monday, April 28, 2008

Today in Photos

It was far too nice to be indoors today; into the 70's by late morning. But with Andy and his dad working so hard on the addition to the house, I couldn't very well justify sitting in the swing with a good book. No, I needed to find something useful to do outdoors. I fired up the Bobcat and took load after load of dirt from the construction piles to fill potholes on our little dirt road. Andy found it cute, somehow, and snapped a bunch of photos of me.

Meanwhile, the men continued the quest for a basic floor for the addition, making it much easier to work out there and protecting all the duct work from the rain and snow expected later this week. Those of you who have been here before might notice that something is missing from the house--the garage. We took it off to put on the new wing, which will give somewhat of a lopsided 'T' shape to the house. The men are standing in what will be the new kitchen. Behind them is Dad C.'s master bedroom and then behind his is our master. The new garage is in the foreground, on the extreme right. It's quite an endeavor.

Dad's bedroom has part of a floor; ours, in back, has none as of yet.

This is the view from my new kitchen, which will be set on a 45 degree angle and have big, bright windows to bring in lots of natural light. Ain't she grand?

This is the view from my current kitchen. It is small and cramped and always dark, no matter how much sunshine there is outside. I won't be sad to see her go.

"Getting the dishwasher loaded" means something entirely different here.


Anonymous said...

How exciting to see all the remodeling stuff happening! And, how fun to get to toodle around in the Bobcat! Wish I was there!

Mister Ed T said...

Exciting indeed. Now you can add "Bobcat Operator" to your Resume. The redneck in you comes out again.

Have fun!

Dan said...

A woman behind the wheels of a Bobcat is more than cute! For a man who likes tools...I know he saw you as the most sizzling chica in the county! No wonder he was snapping away. :-)

Dan said...

And one more thing: the one bright spot in your current kitchen is the bottle of Blue Moon. I hope you can incorporate that into your new one as well.


Sherry C said...


I wish you could be here, too. I think you would love driving the Bobcat and seeing all the changes.

Uncle Ed,

The longer I live here, the more redneck comes out in me.


You made me giggle.

And the bottle of Blue Moon was indeed a tasty way to make the chore more tolerable. But did you get the joke?

Dan said...

Ah...I get the joke now! You see, seeing your dishes all piled up is just painfully familiar, so that's all I saw. I was blind to the purpose of the beer. It just seemed necessary to face such a daunting task!

One of these days, I'll blog about the box of dishes that I moved from one apartment to the next.

Um...they were dirty!