Friday, April 04, 2008

To Bed Early

I am getting up early tomorrow and driving into Missoula. Why? On a whim, I applied on-line for one of only 2,600 tickets to hear Barack Obama speak at the university and I actually got one.

I'm really excited on a lot of levels. I have never been to a national political rally and am curious to see the atmosphere, live. I have never heard a presidential candidate speak, so that is kind of cool. And hey, the guy is an excellent orator and I am always happy to study that craft further. Plus, of course, I'm curious to hear him address the various issues in person.

I haven't decided where my vote will end up in November, but I would love to hear all of the candidates speak.

I am considering ditching church Sunday morning. Hillary will be in town for her only stop in this area.

I'm sure THAT would go over well in my conservative, traditional small town, don't you think?

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Mister Ed T said...

You got that right! Have fun.