Monday, April 14, 2008


The framing of the addition began today. It was another gorgeous day and Andy looked like a happy little kid, thrilled to be healthy, embraced by the beautiful weather and finally starting the next step--a fun step--of this enormous project.

Other happy house-related items of interest:

He found all the roof trusses he would need, plus a really nice corner Jacuzzi-brand tub for the master bath, plus...get this...a hot tub on Craig's List over the last week and a half, all for amazingly low prices. The hot tub had the best price--free. He's now looking at some good windows and granite counter tops, also on Craig's List. I didn't expect to be able to have granite, but at these prices, I can't afford not to. Nice position to be in.

Now, if only I could find a brand new stainless steel Jenn-Air gas range with the five burners and cast-iron grates and a double convection oven in perfect the free category. I'll keep looking.


Mister Ed T said...


Sheila said...

number one - so is everybody better now? I hate throwing up so much.

number two - we need some pictures! I love projects in process!

(number three - sorry so demanding. Side effect of the mother job, you know)