Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Suppose This Has Become a Habit

Whenever someone is sick in my home, the all night kind of sick mentioned below, I tend to spend the next morning in the kitchen making something that will feed an army. It might be a big vat of chili or a pot of soup or a massive casserole.

Why? You might be wondering. Because I might be next. But, I can be sick in peace, knowing that the rest of the family has a decent meal to eat that will last for a couple of days.

The enchilada casserole comes out of the oven in a few minutes and my, does it smell good.

The nap has not yet materialized, though I can feel the need for it bearing down on me.


Mister Ed T said...

Did you ever get your nap? Were you able to sleep as long as Van winkle?

alison said...

I'm wondering if pushing yourself, rather than letting yourself rest is part of what causes the breakdown of health in the first place.

Please be gracious to yourself. Giving yourself care and rest is an excellent way to care for family.