Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have actually been home since 1:30 this morning.

I drove to a friend's house in Gig Harbor, Washington on Wednesday, then on to a camp property nearby on Thursday, followed by a trip to Spokane on Friday and a return trip home late Saturday night.

I drove through every weather pattern imaginable over those four days, including very heavy snow coming home last night.

More details of my trip will be forthcoming, but I am far too tired to record them now. A wave of fatigue swept over me while I was in line for toppings at the church ice cream social this evening; I began to yawn uncontrollably. It got awkward after a while--people were noticing.

I am in bed now with the lights out, slouching lower and lower, but I will give you this teaser:

I made the trip alone.

In a brand new rental car.

With a great sound system.

Let's just say it was worth the fatigue I am feeling now.


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Mister Ed T said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. We areexperiencing a snowstorm right now too.