Sunday, March 02, 2008

When Crazy Becomes the Norm

When crazy becomes the norm, it doesn't matter how many people are living in a small house.

When crazy becomes the norm, it doesn't matter how much construction dust is still on the bare cement basement floor--which also happens to be your living space.

When crazy becomes the norm, it doesn't matter how small the kitchen is and how many people must be fed from it.

When crazy becomes the norm, it doesn't matter how much mud has been left around the front of the house by the heavy snows and early thaw.

When crazy becomes the norm, there is always someone napping in the house, so it's best just to keep your voice down and use quiet feet.

When crazy becomes the norm, there isn't any need to stress out about any one particular thing because everything is a little stressful.

Like a good roller coaster, you may as well put up your hands and shift your weight into the steeply banked turns--it makes the wild ride more enjoyable. Yes, it is crazy, but then, that is the norm.


alison said...

I know you are doing well, but this post sounds like a cry for help. Do you feel compelled to type, "All work and no play makes Sherry a dull girl"? I'm watching you.

Wish I could come and help, but you don't have any place to put me!

Sherry C said...

Not a cry for help, really. Just wanted to admit to myself and everyone else that life is truly crazy right now--allowing myself to lower my expectations.

It's all good, though.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, would this be a good time for me to come for a visit? Do you still have couch space? Just kidding! (No, I can't come right now, because I have to go to a job everyday now.)

Congratulations on new little Baby James! How exciting to get to participate in the birth -- in your home, no less! I'm so envious! I can just imagine the excitement in that house!

Wish my mom could know about all that is happening in her former home, and how God is working things out for all of you.

May God's blessings fill your home and your hearts as you live through this joyful, difficult, amazing time in your life!

Love, Mom