Monday, March 17, 2008

Tendinosis, Anyone?

Have any of you dealt with this one?

I am just now discovering that this is most likely what has been causing me wrist pain on and off for the last eight years. Yes, yes, I know. Eight years is a little long. I'm going to get it checked out finally, ok?

Really, in the greater scheme of things this is quite minor, but when it flares up, as it has been doing all this last week, it is fairly restricting and painful.

Just curious as to what your experiences have been.


Sheila said...

No experience there. Hope your doctor gives you something to help you manage the pain. Eight years is a long long time, friend.

Sherry C said...

This most recent bout of it started to calm down today, but I went to see the doc anyway instead of waiting for the next round. I got myself a prescription for some physical therapy. Let's hope that helps.