Friday, March 28, 2008

Sub Notes

One of my Young Life kids, Cody, was in the class that behaved horridly Tuesday. He wasn't disrespectful and rude as so many others were, but he wasn't much help either, cracking coarse jokes and horsing around loudly.

The next time I saw him in class, he showed up with a six-pack of Mountain Dew, the purchase of which had made him five minutes late for class. I walked over to his lab table to give him the assignment the rest of the class had already received. He pulled a can of soda out of the six-pack and humbly slid it toward me.

"Here,, I mean Mrs. C_______, this is for you, for the way I behaved in class the other day. I'm really sorry about that."

I was touched.

"I really appreciate that, Cody, but it's cool. We're ok. You don't need to give me one of your sodas. Give them to your friends to enjoy. Seriously, I appreciate your apology, but you don't need to give me a gift." I smiled at him genuinely and walked back to my desk.

I smiled to see Cody and several students seated immediately around him all sipping on Mountain Dews soon after. The regular teacher seemed to be fairly lax on the "no food and drink in class" rule and it was really the least of my concerns right then, so I hadn't been enforcing it.

Ten minutes later, though, Cody approached me at the desk and set a can in front of me. "I've given them to all of my friends except you," he smiled meekly. Given any other setting, I probably would have cried. I clearly needed to accept his gift.

"Thanks," I grinned back at him, "I will enjoy it."

Cody beamed.

For a girl who doesn't drink much soda and generally tries to avoid much caffeine, that Mountain Dew really hit the spot.


Anonymous said...

Super! Hope the other kids learned something too.
Uncle Ed

Sheila said...

Aw, that's a great story.
Good kids in the world - and in a public school, too :)

Anonymous said...

Great return on your investment (of pancakes and caring for kids). I think his second offer was a lot more meaningful than the first. Good for both of you.

I think I remember meeting him - sandy hair and skateboard???