Saturday, March 08, 2008

For the Love of Kids

We had a big Young Life club event last night down at the Corvallis building. Sixty-five kids packed the place out and the corner of First and Main was rocking.

For my part, I got called up on stage to be in a game with one of my students. I held a toothpick between my teeth and she tossed slices of bologna, Frisbee-style, for me to catch. Yes, you are picturing that correctly; a successful catch means a slice of a poor excuse for lunchmeat is splayed across my face, skewered on a toothpick. More tosses, more catches, more bologna stacked upon my face.

The kids were rolling with laughter, watching the spectacle. Ah, the things we will do for kids.

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Mister Ed T said...

Oh yes! Jeff Foxworthy was right!
Keep up the good work and the good fun.