Monday, March 17, 2008

A First Attempt

I made this dinner for my family tonight, my first attempt at a real-ish St. Patty's Day dinner. It was corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes. I was prepared for several possible outcomes:

1. The dinner would turn out badly and the kids would hate it, sampling it only sparingly, under stern glares from their father.

2. The dinner would turn out badly and the kids would politely try to choke it down anyway, under stern glares from their father.

3. The dinner would turn out well, but the kids, encountering new flavors and textures, would still hate it and sample it only sparingly, under stern glares from their father.

4. The dinner would turn out well and everyone would love it and I would come out a hero.

I had a one in four chance of a truly positive outcome, so my expectations were low. I told Andy, as I sliced the corned beef in the kitchen before taking it to the table, that I was assuming they wouldn't really like anything and would be happy if they would just sample each dish before resorting to PB&J.

But they surprised me.

The dinner rocked. It was so good, in fact, that I could even become a true fan of corned beef and cabbage and make it more than once a year. The kids loved it. Elli had seconds on the cabbage. Tano wasn't thrilled with the cabbage, but he didn't complain and willingly ate an entire serving of it. He downed slice after slice of corned beef like there was no tomorrow, though.

The green milk for the kids and green beer for the grown-ups were a big hit, too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day (and Happy Birthday, Ruth), one and all!

Oh, and a note on the recipe: I used a smaller two and a half pound brisket and put it in for just under three hours. Also, I substituted Granny Smith apples for the Golden Delicious called for, as I thought their tartness would be a nice touch. Everything came out perfectly, just as the reviews predicted it would. Two thumbs up, friends and neighbors.


alison said...

My goodness, mealtime at your house is sounding so grim and stern.

Say it ain't so, Andy!

Glad you all enjoyed the meal.

Sherry C said...

Never fear. Mealtime at our house is not so grim as I've portrayed it--but we do insist on polite respect for the cook and the food that has been prepared.

I let Tano read this post, and he was busting up laughing at the four possible outcomes.

Sorry the humor didn't translate as well outside the family.