Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday and Fun With a Wok

It really was a super Sunday, regardless of whatever over-hyped sports programming was on television.

We came home from church, had lunch and then rested. How crazy is that? Elli watched a movie. Tano played at a friend's house. Andy went to visit a friend in the hospital and I made cookies. By the time Andy returned with the boy in tow, the Superbowl game was on and we all gathered around to watch it.

It is our annual excuse to sit in the living room and eat copious amounts of food entirely lacking in nutritional value, while hooting and hollering and creating imaginary family rivalries, just for the fun of it.

Andy and I posed as Giants fans for the day, mostly because they were not favored to win and we do love an underdog. Tano, under peer pressure from friends at school, was all about the Pats. He declared them to be his second favorite team, after Green Bay, of course. Good boy.

Elli was undeclared and completely uninterested. She cares for sports on TV about as much as she cares for video games, which is not saying a lot. She was happy instead to play with Felicity, our housemate's sixteen month-old. The two of them have discovered that my wok, when taken from its stand, makes a perfect baby doll cradle and doubles nicely as a sit-and-spin. It is a sturdy old wok and its heavy wood handles are very functional for these non-traditional purposes.

Yesterday, in fact, after the girls had just invented these unusual uses for a cooking pan, Andy took it a step further and took Elli out in the snow, sat her down in the wok, attached a heavy canvas strap to the handles and dragged her down the hard-packed snow of the driveway. Felicity and I watched from the window and laughed.

The funniest part of the scene, funnier than the wipeouts where Elli tumbled out of the wok and rolled in the snow, was the dogs. As Andy slipped and slid running up and down the driveway with a canvas strap across his chest and shoulders, towing a little person in a makeshift sled, four large, sure-footed and able-bodied dogs ran along beside him in the snow, barking cheerfully and wagging their tails. Something was definitely wrong with that picture.

Back to today. The game was won in dramatic fashion by the underdogs, sending us into a frenzy and causing our housemate, Rachel, to think we'd completely lost our minds, I'm sure. Then the kids were put to bed; the mini-party cleaned up and dishes done. Andy is now playing a game on Tano's XBox, which the boy has already managed to get himself grounded from, and I am sitting here writing. It is only 10:30, so I still have hopes of getting to bed at a decent time. What a very nice day it was.

Tomorrow night, I plan to put my wok to its intended usage--shrimp stir-fry. Until then, however, I will keep it on stand-by, as sweet little Felicity keeps coming up to me with her baby doll and a blanket, looking up at me with her big, blue eyes and grunting a questioning noise; needing her cradle again.


Mister Ed T said...

Sounds like a super day all right!
How was the wok-ing?

alison said...

Sorry I missed your call today. Eden had a cut finger and I was trying to give first aid.

Are you all settling in?

Eagle-eye Di said...

Since when do you need an excuse to sit in the living room as a family and enjoy some time togeather? It sounds like the outdoors time was wonderful.