Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sub Notes

Although I am at school to sub for American Lit. classes today (very fun), the main event is clearly the babies. The child development class has their infant simulation activity going on this week. The members of the class have each been given a simulated infant that they must care for. They must feed it, burp it, change its diapers, rock it, cuddle it and lay it down for naps. In addition, they must protect it from being roughly handled or abused in any way. The babies cry--loudly--at random, day and night, and the "parents" must meet the babies' needs and provide general comfort. Computer chips inside the dolls allow them to be monitored by the teacher, giving data on which needs were met consistently and when the baby may have received any rough, jarring handling.

I asked to see one of the babies and was surprised to find that it really felt like a newborn in my arms. When I went to hand the baby back to the student, however, I inadvertently let its head drop back on its wobbly neck. The baby immediately started to wail so loudly that the student had to take it out into the hallway. She shot me a subtle look of disgust on the way out of the room and had to rock it gently for ten minutes before it calmed down again.

Way to go, Mrs. C____. This does not bode well for the imminent birth coming in our home, to our housemate, Rachel. Don't let Sherry hold the baby; she doesn't even know enough to support its head.


alison said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

My neice, Willa is so strong that we all realized we have become a bit cavalier. You're in good company.

They must not have had this exercise at Juno's school. :)

alison said...

I need an update!