Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sub Notes

I love the high school where I work.

Last Friday, I came home from subbing feeling a little tired, not from the work load as subbing is relatively easy most of the time, but because a couple of students had been very disruptive and rude to me. As per the teacher's instructions, I wrote down their names in my sub notes.

So today, when I went to check out after school, the secretary handed me two pieces of paper. "These are for you," she said with a smile.

Here is what I found:

Dear Mrs. C.,

I apologize for acting disruptive while you were subbing for Miss Kraft. I have no valid excuse for acting in such a manner and accept the fact that it was wrong. I ask of you to not correlate my bad behavior with that of (my high school) because it was my fault and it will never happen again. I appreciate what you are doing and assure you that it will never happen again.


Ben M______


Dear Mrs. C_______,

I am honestly sorry for being disrespectful to you when you were subbing for Mrs. Kraft. I am sorry I was out of my seat and being disruptive to the class. Next time you sub for any teacher, I will make sure that I'm on my very best behavior for you in the future. I am honestly sorry and take my word, it won't happen again.


Amy R______


alison said...

I like, "take my word". Nice.

Anonymous said...

This blog rocks.
I really like reading your stuff.
It's good and makes me smile.
Sometimes it makes me cry.

AmberJ said...

So wish more parents would make their kids do this -- then the teachers wouldn't have to.

Great notes. Sounds like you are having fun!