Monday, February 11, 2008

Sub Notes

I got to teach today--really teach. I had freshman English and the school secretary must have informed the teacher that I've taught that subject before, because the teacher left me real lesson plans instead of the glorified babysitting that subbing usually amounts to.

It was fun to be back in that role again, more fun than I would have imagined, actually.

My honors class today actually complimented me on my teaching and wondered why I was "just a sub" and not a "real teacher." They kindly informed me of which teachers at the school needed replacing and asked if I would please come and teach sophomore English next year. Gotta love honors students.

It felt good.

I'm glad, because we are actually considering having me go back to teaching soon. I am in the process now of finding all of my documentation and dusting it off. We'll see.


alison said...

I'm sure you are a great teacher. If you do go back I pray it will be a joy.

Anonymous said...

Go girl! Prayin for you too.
Uncle Ed

FunKiller said...

Do it. Do it soon. We need all the good teachers we can get in the classroom.

Do it.