Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sub Notes

A bright and cheerful eleventh grader approached my desk today, having just completed all of her assigned classwork. My first impressions of her were very positive, a likable kid. She smiled and asked politely, "Mrs. C_____, may I go to my locker?"

Seeing the way she had so promptly tackled her math work, I assumed she needed to get some work to do for another class. She was clearly a good student. "Sure," I replied, "let me write you a pass."

"Thanks," she smiled again as I began to write the date and time, "I need to go get some M&M's from my backpack."

My pen froze mid-stroke. "I can't send you to your locker for M&M's!"

"Sure you can!" Again with the winning smile.

"You can't eat candy in class."

"I won't make a mess, I promise."

"But still..."

"Please? They're dark chocolate."

I softened ever so slightly. "Are you going to share?"

She knew she had me then. "With you, I am."

My pen reconnected with the hall pass. "What's your name?"

Turns out, dark chocolate M&M's are quite lovely.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Now they know your weak spot. You're toast!
Uncle Ed

AmberJ said...

I was given dark chocolate M&M's for Christmas. They are the best thing to come in a little plastic bag.

Sheila said...

Ah, hope for the future. Smart girl!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are toast, but you are set up for a good supply of chocolate. That's my girl.

Eagle-eye Di said...

OOps what did you let your guard down for?From now on it will get around,your a softy for m and m's.You will become known as the M and M teacher.