Monday, February 18, 2008

Slow Morning

I feel like I was clobbered over the head.

If I weren't living with a very uncomfortable pregnant lady who could easily beat my record, I'd say that last night I set the mark for the most hours spent pretending to sleep, wishing and hoping to sleep, but not actually sleeping.

Part of it was intentional, if you can believe that.

You see, actually it was Andy that got clobbered over the head. Yesterday afternoon, he was hooking the cargo trailer up to the pick-up truck. He thought he had closed the tailgate, but appartently it wasn't latched. When he bent down to fiddle with the trailer hitch, the tailgate swung all the way down and landed squarely on the top of his head.

We've been on concussion watch since. He was down for the rest of the afternoon with a better than average headache, but his eyes are responding fine and he didn't seem to have any dizziness or nausea or confusion. There was that one comment that he needed to be feeling better because he couldn't wait to get back out on the campaign trail, but I'm pretty sure he was joking.

So last night, on the advice of an EMT friend, I set the alarm to wake him up at regular intervals to make sure he was still conscious. I can generally fall asleep fairly well when I first crawl into bed at night, but I don't fall back asleep well.

It is a day off school, so there could have been a chance for sleeping in, but the baby across the hall awoke at 7:30 raring to go, and that woke the big kids up (our two plus Tano's buddy, Noah, who had spent the night), at which time they noticed the Xbox controllers next to their pillows where they had dropped them only seven and a half hours before. I laid there for a couple more hours, but sleep never came.

Andy still has a headache this morning, but he feels well enough to be up and working. I will be making him take occasional breaks today, just to keep an eye on him, but he is acting like he's fine.

I am still in recovery mode myself.


alison said...

I'm glad Andy is OK.

Take it easy, Sister. All through the weekend I have been taking sleeping pills and had three nights excellent sleep, but last night I didn't because I don't want to rely on them. I awoke some time around three. Finally at four I got up, exercised, accidentally woke up Jack who purposely woke up Christopher who accidentally woke up Eden, who is sick and needed a bit of nursing, then took a shower and crawled back into bed for some crazy sleep until almost 8.

The thing I hate about insomnia is that I have trouble being gracious to myself. I feel like such a loser when I am tired.

Sorry to go off.

Please be good to yourself. How's the addition coming?

Mister Ed T said...

Hope you are both back to normal!