Monday, February 25, 2008

An Open Letter of Apology

Was that you behind me in line at the post office today? If it was, I am sorry for the delay. You see, when I moved recently, I found many half-used books of stamps, some which were purchased several years ago. I needed to mail a great number of items today and so I had the post office clerk assess the value of my stamps and issue the necessary additional postage to bring them up to current standards. Some of the stamps were marked with a letter, rather than a monetary amount, and were so old that the clerk was required to look them up in a book to find their value. This was very time consuming, I know.

Now, I am not generally a critic of the United States Postal Service. Having travelled to a few other places in the world, I am well aware that we receive an excellent value for the postage paid. However, I am not a fan of this incessant two-penny price increase thing that the USPS has been doing so frequently over the last many years. My personal opinion is that the only purpose to small, frequent increases is to confuse people and cause them to spend more money at the post office, discarding old stamps for new again and again. This is wasteful for the consumer but very profitable for the USPS.

I decided if they were going to attempt to make me waste my money like that, then I was going to make them waste their time. That'll teach 'em, right?

But it was not your fault, and so I apologize for wasting your time like that.


Cindee said...

While you were there you did buy some Forever stamps, right? They will always be good for first-class letter mail no matter what price increases may, er, will come.

Cindee said...

Oh, and you can look up your stamp values here. Why do I know this? Because I had some of the same kind of stamps that you describe and my husband couldn't tell me what they were worth. And HE works at the Post Office!!

But he is still my prince in all sorts of other ways.

Sherry C said...

I did indeed buy a whole boat-load of Forever stamps while I was there. Is it true that they are going to always be available (at whatever is the current first class rate)? That doesn't seem to make sense to me. Why would anyone bother buying stamps with a set amount on them ever again?

Mister Ed T said...

We Canucks have forever stamps now too. Our rates have been going up about 1 cent every year. So they make money on the fact that they have your money ahead of time. Also, here in Canada the post office's cost is more that the postage but they make it up on unused stamep. So Sherry, you beat the system both ways today!

Anonymous said...

lol! I mail stuff so rarely that my stamps are always out of date -- so I usually just toss two stamps on, knowing I'm overstamping, and off they go. Lazy, eh! -- Karen J :)

Fair Maiden said...

Just have to add my stamp of approval to this post. Very funny, very well written and very true to general life!