Friday, January 25, 2008

Notes on a Friday Morning

Andy and the kids have just walked out the door and I am here alone until late tonight for one final time. Andy's truck has been down all week, so he has been taking my car to get the kids to school and then staying at the Homestead to work until time to pick them up and bring them home.

Apart from me being stranded with no transportation for the week, this wouldn't be too out of the ordinary, but this week Missoula Children's Theatre has been in town. That changes everything. Both kids have parts in Saturday's performances and the intensive rehearsal schedule has kept them at school until 8:30 every night. That is a long day. They leave the house by 8 AM and do not return until after 9 PM, fall into bed by 9:30, an hour past their school-night bedtime (they are both big sleepers), and get dragged back out of bed again to start it all again the next day. It is a long week, but they love being in the performances, with professional staging, costuming, lighting, sound, the works. The directors make it so much fun for the kids.

This year's performance is a humorous adaptation of Robin Hood. Elliana is a Forester--not a Subaru, mind you--a poor resident of the forest who benefits from the thievery of Robin Hood and his gang. Nathaniel is one of the Merry Men (called the Merry Band, as they can never find enough boys to make it an all-male gang). They are really enjoying it, but they are exhausted.

I, meanwhile, sit at home sorting and organizing and packing boxes. We plan to move back to the Homestead this weekend, even though it is not at all ready for us. Long story. It has been a fairly quiet week for me.

Yesterday was the one break in the action (or lack of action, as it were) for me. I went with the fifth graders to chaperone their field trip into Missoula to go ice skating. So fun. I haven't ice skated in...I don't know how long. I'm certain it has been more than a decade. I was a little shaky at first, but eventually got my feet back under me and thoroughly enjoyed gliding across the ice and helping kids learn to do the same. It was so nice. Made me wish I had a pair of skates again.

That's all for now. I have boxes to pack.

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Happy packing!