Friday, January 25, 2008

Musical Interlude

My biggest source of companionship this week has been Pandora Radio. It has been on nearly non-stop as I sort and pack. Two days ago, it handed me a gem of a song. It caught my attention because I recognized the voice, the legendary Ella Fitzgerald. She is one of my all-time favorite vocalists, but I'd never heard this song before: "Let's Take a Walk Around the Block" from the Harold Arlen Songbook collection.

It is all about having big dreams and not letting go of them, but being content to truly enjoy life in the here and now, in the meantime. I get that, and it is a good reminder for me, a theme song of sorts for this time in my life. It doesn't hurt that the big dreams referred to in this song happen to be all about world travel. I am well-acquainted with those dreams. Plus, the lyrics in this song are great, the rhyming is brilliant and I just so happen to love Ms. Ella.

I've bookmarked the song on Pandora. You can hear a sample of it by following the link in my sidebar but it is not a great sample; it doesn't really hit the heart of the song at all. I went in search of the song on-line, but it is a fairly obscure track and is hard to find. Even some of the big sites like Napster make reference to it but don't actually have it available for download. The places I did find it only offered the lyrics or another short sample--not enough.

I finally found it this morning on a Chinese music site, where licensing laws basically don't exist, so I have linked to that site here. It takes a few seconds for the site to load, and there isn't much English on the page, but the song will start playing automatically just a few seconds after the page has fully loaded. It's my new favorite. Give it a listen.


Dan said...

I'm listening to it right now--I like Ella, but I especially like this one with a great band backing her up. Sometimes Ella doesn't "swing" as much as I'd like. A lot of her ballads get a little morose for me, though of course I know she's known for her ballads. I appreciate that side of her, but I dig this style more.

Thanks for the recommendation...

alison said...

The song never came on. Disappointed.

Sorry to miss you today. I was going to call you back but needed to get a bite to eat, then fixed dinner for the kids, then Paul called, then we had to pick up Jackie Boy was dinner time for you.

Maybe tomorrow.