Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Call to Prayer

My friend, Nance, had a dream when she was a young girl. She would have seven children someday. One of them would be biological and the other six would be adopted, from all over the world.

It was an odd dream for a child, but she never could forget it.

In her early twenties, Nance met Jesus and her world was turned upside down for the better. Over the years, she has become a firm believer in the fact that God makes families the way He chooses, rather than the way we choose. She has not set out to be God's personal assistant and feels that her family has come together in God's timing and master plan.

But God's plan has seemed to follow fairly closely to her own childhood dream, so many years ago.

She and her husband had one child together and then were never able to conceive again. Their collection of adopted children just kind of happened, one unique situation after another. Now in their early fifties, they have one biological child and five adopted, from all over the world.

Only two are left at home, a boy of twelve and a girl of ten; the others have all married and started families of their own. She has taught all of them herself. But several months ago, she began to realize that she wasn't necessarily done. She felt God building a desire in her that she couldn't shake. She wanted one more, another girl, a sister for her youngest who was fairly close in age. She wanted a girl from a country where girls are abandoned, a girl who was sweet, but too old to be very adoptable, a girl who would otherwise grow up in the orphanage, helping to care for the younger ones.

She's been doing her research since then, looking to see if God was in this and had another child for them.

Just this morning, she informed me that there is a girl, also from India, who is a very real possibility right now. They have been given her name and many photographs of her. They have talked to several people who know her or have met her, including another American family who just went to pick their child up from the same orphanage and were impressed with this eight-year old girl. They described her as mature beyond her years and such a helper with the younger children, such a sweet girl that they wished they'd been able to take her, too. Sounds familiar.

So now they wait.

Nance and her husband have been through this process before. Her prayer now is the same as it has been with each child they have waited to hear about, that this child will be placed in a Christian home--whether it is theirs or not--and will come to know Jesus. But she admits that it is more difficult now that they have a name and photos. They have started to fall in love with her.

Would you pray for my friend and for her family? And would you pray for a sweet eight-year old girl in an orphanage in India? Her name is Marina.


alison said...

I will pray.

Sherry C said...

I think I forgot to mention that her youngest daughter is from India.

alison said...

We could figure it out.

Mister Ed T said...

Will pray too

Dan said...

I'll pray too.

It's exciting, isn't it? This would make seven.