Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alive, But Busy

It has been a crazy few days around here.

I will write more later, I hope, but here's the basic rundown:

Monday through Friday of last week - nightly rehearsals for the kids' play

Saturday - rehearsal at 11 AM, performances at 3:00 and 7:00, moving our lives back to the Homestead in between kids' scheduled events

Sunday - church and more moving, first night back at our house

Monday - packing and cleaning of the Loft and hanging out with Young Life kids

Tuesday - all day at the hospital with a friend, Brenda, whose husband was having open-heart surgery to repair faulty valves (surgery successful so far)

Wednesday (today) - subbing for middle school band classes (yee-hah) and working more on cleaning out the apartment and hanging out with Young Life kids

Tomorrow, I will have to cancel working at the school with my own kids so that I can finish up the packing and cleaning at the Loft. I hate to do that, but this has got to get done. I would also like to sneak in another visit with Brenda, who is just hanging out at the hospital all week with her husband. Bummer that the Loft and the hospital are more than an hour apart. At least my home and family are in the middle now, instead of at the far end.

Time for bed. Goodnight.


alison said...

I'm pulling for you.

CML_Shearings said...

Thanks for the quick chat at Costco. It was great to see you again. I'm glad that you are back at the "homestead". Call if I can help in any way.