Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Sunday Funnies

Remember when the comics section of the newspaper was called the funnies?

This post has nothing to do with that.

After church today, we decided to go out to dinner. As we drove down the valley, though, the kids in the backseat were just at each other's throats, bickering about scenes in movies, bickering about books, bickering about a paper airplane, bickering about bickering. Finally, I said to Andy, "Can we just go home instead? I have no interest in taking these kids out to a restaurant if this is the kind of behavior we can expect." He agreed and it was settled.

They were disappointed, to say the least.

So, we drove home, set the kids up with a quick cold lunch, signed into Pandora so they could keep working on their respective radio stations (loving Pandora), handed them one of the cell phones and then proceeded to go out to dinner, just the two of us. They were a little startled, but they love to be left alone and Tano is very into Pandora right now, so it wasn't too bad. We have left them for an hour or so before a few times, to run a quick errand, but this was a new one--a mini-date that we didn't get a sitter for. Such a glorious freedom.

We had a nice, simple dinner. The meal itself was nothing spectacular; not much is open on a Sunday here so we were at a simple coffee shop, but the food wasn't the important part this time. We were out by ourselves and had much to talk about.

We lingered as long as we felt we could get away with, with only two phone calls from the kids, and then made our way to the counter to pay the bill. I decided to use the rest room.

For lack of a better place to set my purse and little styrofoam box of leftovers, I took them into the stall with me. I would just set them on the little shelf meant for such things. The good news is that the purse and its contents are fine. The bad news is that, just as I turned to set the leftovers on the shelf, the little stryofoam box, packed a little too full, collapsed.

My first concern was for my good grey pants. I just did laundry yesterday and they were now splattered with bits of food.

My next concern was for the rest of the food. Some of the asparagus had cleared my pants and landed on the floor of the stall; some landed on the toilet seat.

I wasn't so fortunate with the other items. I gingerly reached into the toilet to retreive half a baked potato, half a stuffed pork chop and my bread roll, quickly becoming saturated with toilet water. These larger items were all loaded back into the broken styrofoam box and deposited in the waste receptacle.

The floating asparagus were flushed.

I cleaned up my pants, the floor, the toilet seat and finally, my hands, as best as I could, then continued on in the purpose for which I'd originally entered the rest room. I smiled to myself at the thought that no one else had witnessed this little leftover adventure and began to craft the inevitable blog post in my mind.

I waited until we were driving away from the restaurant before I told Andy, reading the imaginary post to him aloud.

He reminded me of one very important thing, the positive in all of this if there was one:

"Just think; you will get far more enjoyment out of those leftovers in the form of a story, than you would have as a reheated light lunch."

Thank goodness for the blog.


Dan said...

Very funny story, and I like seeing your Pandora links. I'm listening to your "quickmix" right now. Did you just make a regular link in blogger to your stations, or is this a service you found at Pandora designed for blogger? I didn't know there was a specific url for each station...inquiring minds want to know...

Sherry C said...


I found an HTML code generator in the FAQ section--scroll way down or, better yet, here is the link. For a link to your stations, scroll to the end of that page, click the appearance you want, enter your e-mail, and ask it to generate your code. Copy the code and paste it into your blogger template, easy if you are doing new blogger and can just add an HTML "page element", a little more difficult if you are using old blogger, but possible. Let me know if it gives you trouble.

Cool, huh?

Annette said...

I too have a toilet story. On a mission trip with our church teenagers, I went to the restroom at a gas station, hooked up to the hotel we were staying at, in Canada. I put my purse also on the "little shelf", then proceeded to get up and get my purse. The long handle on the purse grabbed the top of the shelf, which must not have been on securely and pulled it off, and went smashing into a million pieces!! I had the thought, I could just run out and tell no one, or be honest, since I was supposed to be the "responsible teen leader". Well you should have seen the shock on the man's face when I showed him!!! He probably thought stupid American! lol I will never live it down with our youth group!


Sheila said...

Oh, the redeemable qualities of blogging! It makes all manner of life's unpleasantness have a big shiny silver lining.

And I love to threaten my family: "I am SOOOOO blogging about this!"