Thursday, December 20, 2007

If I Could...

Working at the kids' school today, I took note of a display of letters that the fourth graders had written. They had apparently been given the assignment to imagine an unrealistic but perfect gift they would love to give someone.

For the last month or so, I have been only two steps away from tears at any given moment. I am feeling overly sentimental and sappy and choke up at the slightest bit of sweetness or beauty. Reading these as I waited for my son's class to come down for lunch, I had tears streaming down my face...again. I don't expect everyone to have the same reaction, but I copied several of them down to record here. I think I would like to do this assignment with my own children, because at least in this instance, the thought really does count.

To Mom and Dad:
Mom, if I could, I would let you sleep in for two more hours. Dad, if I could, I would let you be off work and watch the Cowboys. Dad, if I could, I would let you play with me instead of working.

To Chuck and Ronda:
I would give you all my love to heal you, Ronda. I would give you my strength to heal you all over, Chuck.

To Mom:
If I could, I would give you a clean house. I would give you 100,000 dollars, if I could. I would give you a new car and a vacation to Hawaii, if I could.

To Mom and Dad:
Mom, if I could, I'd give you a bouquet of flowers as bright as the moon. Dad, if I could, I'd give you an 11x11 bull elk, just standing in the road.

To Courtney:
I would give you never ending black eye shadow and free music from iTunes. I would give you a full scholarship to college and a scholarship for college volleyball. I would give you socks that actually match. I would give you endless love, which I can give.

To Dad and Mom:
Dad, I would give you four weeks off. Mom, I would give you all the jewelry I could.

To My Aunt Denise:
I would make Elvis younger for you. I would make a chocolate covered mountain with ice cream on it and a cherry on top.

To My Grandma:
Grandma, if I could, I'd give you your own planet filled with beautiful plants. I would let you sleep in an elegant rose on the planet. I would let you rule the stars, if I could, and let you fly with a glowing angel. Grandma, I can't, so I'll just give you my love.

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