Saturday, December 29, 2007

San Diego, Part Three

It was a beautiful wedding, incredibly beautiful. And the was perhaps the best I've ever been to. Everything was over-the-top, amazing.

The party raged on until after 11 PM for a wedding that began at 3:30 (we had to be there at 1 PM), so we are wiped. The other three were asleep within minutes of greeting their pillows. I must join them now.

Details later. Enjoy the images.


Dad said...

Incredible. Congrats to Jim and Patricia, and thanks to you for all your work on the slide show and so many other pieces of the puzzle. It was a truly amazing wedding.
Love you all

SUZIE Q said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for the pics Sherry.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Oh, I am so happy for them. :) Karen J.

Mister Ed T said...

Awesome pictures! It was an awesome day. It was an awesome week. They re an awesome couple!
Happy New Year to all from Camrose, AB.