Monday, November 19, 2007

Winter, Part Two

I was in a dark and somber mood when I wrote last night, as much about life and death as about the weather, but we really are getting buried here. A foot of heavy, wet snow has accumulated since it began to stick at about four o'clock yesterday afternoon. It continues to fall steadily this morning, with no sign that it will let up anytime soon.

My school, where I am subbing, is on a two hour delay--extremely rare for this neck of the woods. I imagine attendance will be sparse, even with the late start. A good number of people, perhaps even a majority in this district, live up in the hills or on country roads that won't be getting plowed.

Our kids' school is on regular schedule, however, so Andy had to dig the car out and brave the roads, which are an absolute mess.

I need to dig into our stuff in storage and see if I can find mittens and boots and the like. They had to go without them this morning.

Montanans are hearty folk, but this storm caught us all by surprise. Storms will do that.


alison said...

I HATE that trying to paw through things before sending kids out into the first snow feeling.

I have been thinking about you a lot.

And praying.

Sherry C said...

Pre-Turkey Storm Watch 2007!

We don't have TV right now, but I am imagining that this or a similar line is scrolling across the bottom of the screen right now.

Really, it's not a terrible storm and the temperature is above freezing, but we did get an unexpected amount of very sloppy snow, and quite a bit earlier than usual.

The high school (and our apartment across the street) lost power just before ten o'clock this morning, and two of the bus routes were not able to run because of the deep snow. They ended up just cancelling school for the day, something that hasn't happened here in many years.

I shovelled snow, cleaned house and took a nap.

I suppose being stranded here once in a while with no transportation, no power, phone or internet would be good for me.

Anonymous said...

The best I can do on a snowy day is to give e-hugs. Here is one for you, and Tano, and Elle, oh yea, Andy too. How about Judy, Tom and Ruth - sure e-hugs all the way around.

Love you

Mister Ed T said...

Early wet snows are the worst!