Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Truck Update

We have sprung our truck out of impound for only half of the three hundred dollars that they originally tried to charge us. Still, we are frustrated with the whole process and are considering an appeal to refund our expense.

The problem is that, if the appeal is initially denied--which could take up to four months--then in order to continue fighting, we would need to appear at a hearing in Helena, two and a half hours away. Doesn't it make logical sense that they should deny every appeal then? Montana is a very big state. Most people are not going to be able to take a day (or two) off work and buy a tank (or two) of gas, just to fight over $150. Helena is relatively close for us, considering the size of the state, and even for us, it wouldn't be worth the fight.

We will probably submit an appeal, just for the sake of the principle, but we don't expect any results. Meanwhile, I've submitted a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, The Ravalli Republic (link in sidebar), questioning the logic of the charges that were laid upon us, as well as the appeal process. I will let you know if it is published.

So today, after paying our fees, we finally got to take the truck (minus the stereo and part of the dash, plus a few small dents and large scratches, and minus an intact front grill covering) to the auto repair shop to have it assessed. Unfortunately, rebuilt transmissions are not cheap. The repair would run only slightly less than the value of the truck. Blah.

On the one hand, we have known from the start that this was not the right vehicle for Andy to be running up and down the valley in, with its terrible thirst for fuel. On the other hand, however, we don't know exactly what vehicle God has in mind. Small rural towns spread ten to fifteen miles apart from one another just don't have light rail or street cars or city buses, or we would use them.


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Anonymous said...

I fell your frustration. Will keep praying.

Uncle Ed