Friday, November 23, 2007


Yesterday was a bittersweet and exhausting day. All the C's were together, and Ruth and I had prepared a savory feast large enough to feed three such families. But instead of the dining room table being the center of attention, the living room was the focus, particularly the quiet and still matriarch in the hospital bed in the center of it.

We shared memories and things to be thankful for, with equal parts laughter and tears, over the hum of the oxygen machine. She opened her eyes occasionally, and sometimes smiled as we recalled a funny story. A few times she even made a supreme effort to add to the conversation and we all strained our ears to hear her faint words.

We are eternally grateful to have shared this holiday together and it was so sweet, in a sad way. It will most likely be the last we have--all of us.

Nearly a foot of early snow still covered the ground, and a deep cold moved in, making the snow sparkle like diamonds under the light of the bright, round moon.

This photo was taken a month ago. Mom C. put forth extraordinary effort to stand out there by the river with us on that glorious fall afternoon. She was determined to be a part of one final complete family photo.

But winter has come early.

Winter Oft Comes Early

Winter oft comes early
And spring is sometimes late
Frozen ground can linger
While flowers lie in wait
The prime of life grows barren
And grief becomes a weight
When winter shows up early
And springtime comes so late


Anonymous said...

So sad and yet so sweet--hence the term "bittersweet". Thanks for sharing this, Sherry. Our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with all of you over there.

alison said...

I'm glad Tom's family made it through.

That is a great picture. Not enough, but a great picture.

Mister Ed T said...

Thanks for sharing your thanksgiving, and your heart, with us.

Dan said...

My thoughts are with you. I like the poem too...very poignant. Is it a Sherry original?

Sherry C said...


Yes, it is mine. Thanks.

Eagle-eye Di said...

I am so sorry to just now be catching up on all of the blogs.This is a very beautiful picture of all of you.I do believe I will do a print out of it and put it up.As I sit here in tears for all of you,I also am thinking of my mom's passing away right around the corner also on sunday.Yes her loss will leave a great hole but she is at peace and no longer hurting up there in heaven.