Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sub Notes

I realized at 8:27 that I'd forgotten my tea. School starts at 8:30. Even though my kitchen counter is only 200 yards from my classroom, I don't think I could have made it--not in these shoes, not at this age. I do so like my morning tea, and I didn't even get one sip. Grrr...


This class is my least favorite so far. I don't know most of the kids and they don't know me, so to this group, I'm just a stupid sub. It's amazing the difference a relationship makes. Kaila is in this class. She was in my cabin at summer camp this year in Minnesota and we are close. It's funny for her to see me in this setting. We occasionally sneak a knowing glance across the room, but I keep it disccreet; I don't want to embarrass her.


I want to take Amber home with me. I noticed a bitter, hard edge to her the first time I had her in class. Since that first day, I've overheard many of her conversations, as her table is close to my desk. She has a difficult life. Her dark eyes simmer with anger, but behind the mask of heavy black eyeliner, the hurt is so obvious.


Duh. I'm subbing for home ec. classes. There are five complete kitchens in this room. I think I can figure out how to make myself some tea.

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