Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some of the Loveliest Things

When a soft, thick blanket of fresh snow has been draped upon a rural landscape, some of the simplest things become the loveliest things in the world:

- a sagging old barn with peeling red paint

- the last few golden leaves clinging bravely to a silver aspen

- gangling brown weeds along a fence line in need of repair

- so many bales of hay, stacked neatly for winter feed

- a cluster of tall pine trees, limbs sagging under the weight

- cows standing knee-deep and looking up curiously, their soft faces powdered white

- a weeping willow tree, stripped of leaves, its delicate branches like strands of fine gold

The high school did not need me today, and I've found my boots and woolen mittens. I enjoyed my long walk down a nearby country road tremendously.


Mister Ed T said...

Yep, snow freshens things up after a brown late fall.

Sherry C said...

Later today, Elliana described the fence posts better than I ever could:

"Look, Mama! The fence posts are wearing marshmallow hats!"

Anonymous said...

You're a good mama, Mrs C. That's why your child sees with the eyes that she does.