Monday, November 05, 2007

Midnight Comedy Report

12:46 AM

Andy's cell phone rings. We're both instantly wide awake.

It's Joe, who currently lives at our other house, aka the Homestead. There is a sheriff's deputy standing in his (our) living room who wishes to speak to Andy.

They've found Andy's pick-up truck.

We didn't know it was missing.

Last we saw it, earlier this evening, it was sitting in the parking lot of Don's Automotive awaiting examination, keys in the glove compartment.

It was found abandoned in a ditch a few miles from there, crashed through a rancher's barbed wire fence, lights on and engine running.

Someone had apparently stolen Andy's truck and tried to make a quick getaway, only the truck was running so poorly that it wouldn't go very fast at all. Whether they grew frustrated and intentionally ran it off the road, or actually managed a slow-speed crash, we may never know.

Andy asked if there appears to be any damage to the truck. Only a few scratches from the barbed wire.

Dang, no insurance claim.

All we get out of the deal is some lost sleep.

Andy is now driving up the valley to meet the sheriff and reclaim his vehicle.

I am considering strategies for getting back to sleep.


Sherry C said...


8:30 AM

Andy has not yet seen the truck, as it was towed from the scene and impounded. Yes, that means we will have to pay to reclaim it. The sheriff's department mentioned that the stereo had been taken. That would be the new one that he just installed a few months ago to replace the one that hadn't worked for as long as we'd owned the vehicle. It was a cheap one, but there was probably a good CD in it. We don't know yet what else may have been taken or damaged.

Andy returned home at about 2:30. I hadn't fallen asleep yet. I would say I hadn't fallen back asleep, but I hadn't actually dozed off yet at the time that the original call came in. We both lay awake in the darkness, tossing and turning for quite a while, trying to shut it all down.

After another hour or so, when we were both almost asleep, the local gang of coyotes decided to have a sing-along. We both groaned. Yes, we live in town now, but it is a very SMALL town.

Morning came early. Thank goodness it was light. Getting the kids up was simplified greatly when Daddy tempted them out of bed with the promise of a funny story that started with a call from the sheriff's department at nearly one o'clock in the morning. They sprang out of their beds like it was Christmas morning.

I think I will write it up for the local newspaper. They love that stuff.

Jeannie said...

Oh no...just when you thought your life was already FULL of troubles, another one comes along and crowds in. And, the coyote sing-along...they were serenading you with: "Nobody knows the troubles I've seen -- nobody knows but Jesus..."

alison said...


Both of you deserve a really long nap. Will it happen?

I have been praying for you all.

Mister Ed T said...

All the Coyotes I've heard sing off tune to absolutely no mwelody. (Maybe that's where I get my singing ability!). I hope everyting is all right. Apparently the Lord wants you to keep using that truck.
You and Andy are in my prayers.