Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grace for Gracie and Me

It's been a long day, so long, in fact, that as I was driving the kids home to the Loft at 11:30 this evening, I felt a sting of remorse that I've been so busy the last couple of days that I failed to even ask Elli how her field trip went yesterday. I was a whole day behind. Then I remembered: the field trip was just today. That warm sweater she is wearing is the one I helped her pick out just this morning expressly because she would be outdoors on a field trip today. This morning feels like ages ago.

So we were almost home, just me and the kids and all of us wiped out, when I noticed the flashing lights come up behind me. I was being pulled over, literally across the street from our building. Dropping from highway speed down to twenty-five in downtown Corvallis is always difficult, but especially so late at night when the whole place is deserted, and I knew I hadn't made it in time.

Sure enough, he had clocked me at 35 in a 25 zone.

Plus one of my headlights is still out from when I was hit back in August.

And I didn't have my insurance card in my wallet for some reason.

And I couldn't find the car's registration.

I thought of calling Andy to see if he knew where the documentation was, but his cell phone was dead.

I figured I was toast, but after running my plates, the officer was very kind and let me off with warnings all around.

Thank-You, Lord.

Must fix Gracie's headlight.

Must ask Elli in the morning how her field trip went.

The date above says Saturday, but trust me, it is the middle of the night, Friday. Goodnight.


alison said...

I am so glad you received that grace.

Anonymous said...

Amazing grace! You needed it right now too.
Uncle Ed