Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Further Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor

I received a phone call early this morning from the secretary at the high school. She sounded mildly panicked. She needed a sub for a teacher that would unexpectedly be out for the rest of this week, as well as next week up to the Thanksgiving break. Since I am without a car anyway, I decided to take it, forgetting to even ask her for which class I was needed.

For six full days, count 'em, six days, I am the school's home economics teacher.

As in home arts, domestic science. Like cooking. And sewing.

Perhaps I'll learn a few things.


While most of my sewing class was busy working, I scratched out the following, just to record what my world looked like at that particular moment:

A squeaky and tenative orchestra is rehearsing down the hall, playing the first few measures of "The First Noel" again and again while the first snow of the season floats gently down from a featureless white sky. The combination feels almost festive.

Jeff has finished his pair of fuzzy pink dice and is upset that I won't let him go talk to his wrestling coach. Kandus is replacing the needle in her sewing machine while Jennifer pretends to pay rapt attention to the process--any excuse not to continue working on her flannel pillow case. Amanda is cutting blue polar fleece for some sort of a stuffed animal; I can't yet tell what it is going to be.

Daniel just threw something.

Shelby has her sweatshirt's hood pulled up and her back to me; I suppose I should wander over there and casually check for an iPod. They think I don't know that trick.

And me? I've just finished the last of my peanut butter crackers and what's left of my tea is cold. In another twenty minutes, it will be lunch time. I'll pull on my jacket, walk across the street to the Loft and warm up some of last night's soup. It was a broccoli and cheese chowder wtih bacon and corn, and it was tasty.

Sitting at the teacher's desk, alternately writing and looking around the room, seems to be a decent class management technique. They stay fairly well-behaved, probably afraid that I'm writing something to the teacher about them, and I stay fairly relaxed. Whatever works.


Anonymous said...

You . . . a "teacher" for Home Economics (as in "sewing")???
Ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha ! ! !

Oh, Sherry, that is just way too funny!
O my, O my, O my !!!

Ho ho ho! Yup! God definitely has a sense of humor!

Thanks for the laugh!

CML_Shearings said...

What blessings God is bringing into your life now! A beginning on your homestead remodel & work that brings home $ & also introduces you to new high school students. Living across the street at present sounds like a blessing too! By the way, Scott's timberframe work on Laura Fricke's lodge on Flathead Lake is wonderful. If he is helping Andy with your home, I would expect a quality finished product.

alison said...

I think the best teachers are those who have had to struggle to master their subjects.

I won't comment on those who haven't even deigned to struggle, let alone master.

Still, you'll do great.