Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Time to Go

Dad was feeling pretty strong yesterday, but had kind of a rough night, nothing serious, but enough visits from the nurse to prevent a great night's sleep for either of us. This morning, he felt fine at first, albeit a little tired, but then he was hit with some unexpected nausea. Still trying to figure out what caused that. He is resting now. Not sure if he will still be released today or not.

Either way, I need to get home.

Tano is sick, possible ear infection. He has an appointment for this afternoon.

Andy is wiped out at doing double parent duty with so much distance between the various segments of our life. Yesterday he put 150 miles on the car, just running the kids around and going back and forth to work and various appointments. He has been a real trooper, but is tired and happy I'm coming home late tonight/early tomorrow morning.

Mom's first chemo went well. She was surprised to feel quite strong and even hungry afterward and went out to dinner and for a short walk. I'm sure that felt good. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that her condition is improving at all.

Tom and Karen and the boys are coming next weekend, the 12th-13th, for a quick visit. Jim and Patricia are eyeing the same weekend. Andy will be in Helena for a YL training event the whole day Saturday, in the middle of all the visits. I am supposed to be in Helena, too, but am going to stay behind and get the notes.

Life is really crazy right now. I am just anxious to be home. I would like to say that I am confident that Dad is fine and I can leave here knowing that he's going to be recover nicely, but life is just not like that. My thinking has shifted. There are no guarantees.

Except peace. He does promise that, and I feel it.


alison said...

Traveling mercies, Sherry. I mean that literally if your flight today, is still ahead of you, as well as figuratively for the journey you are on with your dad and Andy's mom.

Carol-Ann said...

Hey Sherry, I will confess to being a "seasonal" lurker on your blog -- this is one of those seasons!

Through the years when I've been looking for personal encouragement, I've usually found myself walking through underlined sections in Isaiah. I know, the context may be stretched a bit here, but I thought of you returning to your State of Mountains and Valleys this afternoon and, in connection with that, Is.40:4,5. That whole chapter is marvelous but those are such mountain/valley verses and, for you right now, this is such a mountain/valley time!

Anonymous said...

Yes! The Lord's peace is ther, if we reach for ot! Amon.
Uncle Ed

Anonymous said...

Sherry, a huge thanks to you for coming. I needed you more than I had realized I would, and was constantly held up by your presence. "Thank you" seems so inadequate, but is meant with all my heart.

Dad didn't get to come home today, but should be sent home on Thursday if all goes well tonight. He slept all afternoon (after you and Bill left), as well as those couple of hours this morning, so he feels like he pretty much slept his day away today. I left him in Jim's care tonight, and came home a little after 8:00.

I'm excited to bring him home tomorrow. Also, our friend, Julie is bringing a meal over tonight for tomorrow.