Thursday, October 04, 2007

Three Things Thursday

1. Andy has a nasty bug, but hopefully it won't last long. He happened to have a doctor appointment today for another reason, so he went to it even though he was sick and the doc gave him some things to quiet his er...uh...explosiveness (both ends) and get him rehydrated and rested.

2. As of midnight last night, we had no idea that he was sick, so I kissed him without hesitation when I got home from the airport. I am fond of the man and was happy to see him. I am feeling a certain sense of foreboding and impending doom today as a result.

3. In preparation for the probable coming storm, I have cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, made a big pot of soup, and assembled a casserole and put it in the oven. I am working on a second casserole right now. Everything we can't use in the next couple of days will just go in the freezer. With the crazy life we are living right now, one can never be too prepared.


alison said...

How ya living over there? I was up at midnight and 4...but didn't even think to pray. Were you sending the bat signal?

Ruth C said...

Looking forward to getting there tomorrow. I've got my own bug I'm dealing with, but nothing like your house's. Hopefully it'll help to have a couple extra hands on deck, eh. Coming to you from Canada with love!