Monday, October 15, 2007


I haven't heard the above cry ring out, in reference to me, in more than a decade. The last time I worked as a substitute teacher was before my son was born! But the streak is broken. The seventh set of fingerprints was a charm and I am in.

I worked only a half day today, in a freshman English class. I used to teach freshman English back at Bellflower High School, just north of Long Beach, California, so I was quite comfortable with the subject matter and had a little too much fun helping the kids with their vocabulary words.

It was a good day, or as good as subbing can be, at least. I knew at least a few students in each of my classes, and I think the others were so surprised to see their friends greeting and high-fiving the new sub, that they were shocked into relative silence.

The kids that I know giggled and snickered at the thought of calling me Mrs. C____. Most of them had never even heard my last name and had to check the board often to get it right. To them, I am just Sherry, that lady who makes pancakes and cookies after school, and lets them use her cell phone to call their moms and her laptop to check their MySpaces, and comes to the football games.

It was fun to open up the Young Life building right after school and go back to just being Sherry, and listening to their impressions.

"Dude! Sherry was our sub today in English!"

"No way! That would be cool to have her as a sub."

"Not really, dude; she watches you like a hawk and you can't get away with anything. She's really strict!"


It was fun, but I am tired.

Tomorrow, I have a full day of seventh graders. Yikes. Pray for me.


Mister Ed T said...

Woah! You're wearing too many hats! Seventh graders? That is scary. What works one day won't another day and vise versa. I'll pray and you go have fun!
P.S. I've had the experience of working with kids in and out of the clasroom. They can't figure our why you are diffeent when you have to take charge.

Sherry C said...

Thanks, Uncle E, for the offer of prayer. I'll need it!