Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sub! Part Two

I would hardly feel like I'd earned my money yesterday, except substitute teachers are paid so poorly in this state that, for once, it was probably an equitable trade, labor for compensation.

I was frightened, to say the least, about an entire day with seventh graders. I was kicking myself for even accepting the middle school job, as it doesn't accomplish my goals of sustained contact work among the town's high school students and staying on the good side of the high school's teachers and administration. But when I expressed my fear here, in the previous post, my dear Uncle Ed encouraged me to go and have fun with them, while he prayed me through it. In essence, he had my back. Thanks, Uncle E.

First of all, I'm finding that the kids at this school are very well-behaved, better than I've ever seen before at this level. But even the work I was required to do was easy. Let's see, I needed to read aloud from a novel that the students are interested in. I showed two videos while they took notes. I helped oversee a kickball game. (!!) And I had two--count them--two prep periods. One butted up against lunch and the school didn't need me to fill in anywhere, so I just walked home and kicked back there for an hour and a half. The other prep period was the last period of the day, so I was able to turn around and leave an hour early.

Hmmm...can we say CAKE, boys and girls?


Anonymous said...

Super, glad to hear the good report. Uncle Ed

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