Friday, October 05, 2007

Silent Night

It is a peaceful Friday night here at the Loft. Andy is feeling significantly better. He had a little dinner and is able to sit up and chat. It was good to finally get to talk to him. He hasn't been available for much more than grunted one-word answers since I arrived home late Wednesday night and I really had a lot I wanted to talk with him about. I am so glad that he is back. He was miserable and I was missing him.

Tano is feeling much better from his sinus infection. He had a low-grade fever most of yesterday, but was back at school today, feeling fine. I had to pick him up early, though, for an appointment with an opthamologist to check out his eyes. The doctor found no problems at all with Tano's eyes, other than the colorblindness. He was amazed, however, at Tano's ability to perceive miniscule differences in tone and pattern, which has apparently enabled him to pass colorblindness tests in the past. He even had the doctor fooled at first, by passing a dozen or so red/green hidden-number-in-the-dots tests that are supposed to be a sure-fire method of testing. It wasn't until he began describing colors he saw as "reddish-green" and "dark greenish-red" that the doctor noticed anything. And sure enough, upon further examination with more difficult tests, Tano began to struggle and make mistakes. He found no evidence, however, of any indication that there might be some other issue at hand. The boy is just red-green color vision impaired; that's all. The doctor also questioned why Tano was wearing glasses. He said that his eyes are well within the normal range and that he can stop wearing the glasses if he wants to. There's a no-brainer. He wants to see him again in a year to check for any changes.

I was able to enjoy a brisk four mile walk with a friend this morning. It was quite cold outside and I wished I'd had some gloves, but at least the rain held off until we had completed our route up and down some pretty dirt roads near the kids' school. It felt good to stretch my legs and breathe the fresh air, after spending five days in the hospital or in airports/airplanes, and then another day cooped up in the house with a sick family.

It was so nice to have dinner and even simple dessert all prepared for tonight. Yesterday's final domestic tally included an orange-cranberry chicken and rice casserole, a layered enchilada casserole, a big pot of minestrone soup and six dozen cookies. My little refrigerator and freezer overfloweth.

The kids and I don't seem to be coming down with Andy's bug so far. It could still be coming, but I am grateful for a break in the action around here, at least for one evening. Tano is getting caught up on missed homework and I think I can hear Elli being read to by Andy back in our bedroom, where he is still taking it easy. Rain falls steadily outside and the tires on passing cars outside make that swishing sound as they roll through the puddles. I've lit hazlenut scented candles all around the house and am relaxing in the comfort of my favorite aroma. I'm just going to move slowly and enjoy the quiet. I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

Oh, and my dad is home from the hospital and continuing to recover. When I spoke to him last night, he was looking forward to sitting at the dinner table with my mom, my brother and his fiancé. Really, it's the simple things that we ought to treasure most.

Peace to you all.


Anonymous said...

All that cooking you've done sounds yummy! Wish we could come to your house for dinner!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Hope everyone is getting better--not worse. Also the rest of you are staying well -- are you?We've been praying for your family.

Anonymous said...

Lots to be thankful for there! (btw its "Thnaksgiving" here in Canada.)
Uncle Ed