Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Day Like Today

A day like to today makes the heart sing. The fog rises from the river and gathers in pockets, some massive and dense, some small, sheer and light. Driving through them, between them, in and out of them, makes me feel like I am in some other-worldly, magical fairy land. I lose track of distance, time. Coming suddenly into a clearing and viewing the mountains,rugged and clear, with their postcard-perfect caps of snow and ribbons of golden larches adorning the sea of dark green pines, is enough to make my breath catch in my throat--my eyes and my lungs equally stunned by the beauty. Parking my car to admire it all, I see three wild turkeys come out of nowhere, stroll a bit and then disappear back into the mist. The ground, white with frost, sparkles as the sun begins to win out, chasing away the last stubborn pockets of fog. The sky is perfectly blue and the air is still. The aspens can hold what is left of their golden treasure for one more day, before the breezes come tomorrow, and the leaves fall to the ground like glitter.


AmberJ said...

Posts like these make me envious of your rural life. And your fabulous talent as a writer.

Thank you for taking us along with you to your magical fairy land.

Dan said...

That's a beautiful picture you paint--thanks for sharing.