Sunday, October 28, 2007



Megan said...


Dan said...

I have no idea who was even playing in the World Series, and I don't even know whose jersey that "B" belongs to.

That's how out of touch with sports I am.

Anonymous said...

Now that the series is over, so quickly too, what are you going to do? Get into NHL hockey?
Uncle Ed

Sherry C said...


I don't think I know you, but thanks for your comment. Sorry about your team.


B is for Boston. It was the Red Sox vs. the Colorado Rockies. The Sox took it in four straight games in a best of seven series. Colorado was completely unable to Rock my Sox off, as they had hoped.

Uncle E.,

I didn't actually watch any of the games, as we don't have a TV, but I did check the scores on-line each evening. I don't think it will leave a gaping hole in my life, but I do enjoy baseball.

CML_Shearings said...

Sherry, Louis watched all 4 games. I watched some but soon got grossed out by all the chewing & spitting. Who would want to be a catcher in all that tobacco slime? Congrats to your Red Sox, anyway!