Sunday, September 30, 2007

We Have Been Given Another Sunday

My dad looks great this morning, for a guy who had open heart surgery yesterday.

I told him so.

He feebly asked if he looked better than before.

Before what?

Before the surgery.

It wasn't plastic surgery, Dad, I told him.

He smiled.

Cracking jokes already, huh?

Yes, but he is sad to report that he can't laugh at his own jokes. It hurts.

Thank-you for your prayers. Keep them coming.


Carol-Ann said...

Such a wonderful post to find. I shall share it with the family. It's Thanksgiving week in Canada -- oh, thank God for His mercies!

alison said...

Good news.

Eden was on the job, waking me up this morning in the wee hours. As I stumbled to her room I thought about you and your vigil and was glad to share it from across the country. I continued to pray as I fell in and out of sleep.

I love the jokes.

Sheila said...

What's going on with our dads? Open heart surgery - that's way scary. I'm glad he's on the other side and recovering well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sherry. Dianne filled in a few blanks for us. We'll keep praying.
Uncle Ed