Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Timeline of the First Morning of School

6:31 AM Two kids up, sleepy, but smiling, Tano already in the shower, morning off to a great start

6:55 AM Tano eating breakfast, Elli in the shower

7:25 AM Elli out of the shower, happily spinning around in her new clothes

7:28 AM Mom notices that Elli's hair is already dry, notes that it couldn't possibly be dry already

7:28:30 AM Daughter says she washed it, Mom goes closer to perform touch and smell test and realizes daughter is lying, hair was clearly not washed

7:29 AM Mom blows up at daughter, ranting and raving both because of the lie and because she will now miss out on her own shower and sends daughter back into the shower to finish the job

7:37 AM Mom loads batteries into camera for first day of school photo

7:38 AM Rain begins to fall, which would have been cheered yesterday, but not today

7:39 AM Mom opens blog and begins to document morning

7:42 AM Mom asks Tano, who is reading a comic book, if he is totally ready for school, including brushing his teeth, boy nods hesitantly, Mom smells a lie and asks to see teeth in better light, teeth have clearly not been brushed, son admits lie, Mom tries to keep cool in the face of a second lie in one morning

7:50 AM Elli spills milk on new clothes

7:51 AM Mom decides to call it a morning and hits "publish"



7:58 AM Rain stops for a moment, photo is taken

8:00 AM Car is rolling, all passengers silent

8:12 AM Apologies all around

8:33 AM Arrive at school, only three minutes late, greet teachers and friends

8:45 AM Leave school and stop to get gas, grateful for not running out on the way to school

9:05 AM Arrive at Homestead and start laundry

9:20 AM Sit down at computer to update post

9:28 AM Look at clock and realize there is just enough time to grab a shower before heading to church to help set up and serve a luncheon for a memorial service

9:29 AM Hit "publish" again


9:29 AM Lose connection to Blogger, wrestle with computer

9:36 AM Regain connection, make minor edits that had been lost in previous attempt to publish

9:44 AM Hit "publish" and run to shower

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