Monday, September 03, 2007

The Last Night of Summer

It is 8:30 PM on the dot and the kids are both down, trying to keep their eyelids closed and wishing they could fall asleep quickly. But they are too excited for sleep yet. The new school clothes are laid out. The backpacks are hung by the front door with care. School starts tomorrow, but it may as well be Christmas Eve.

Although lights out was fifteen minutes ago, Tano immediately got back up to say that he'd forgotten to put his combination lock in his backpack. He's been practicing opening it for several weeks now. I stopped him in the hallway and said to put it with his clothes for tomorrow where he'd see it.

Elli got up next to remind me that she wanted pink socks instead of white ones for tomorrow. I informed her that I have already laid out her pink socks with the rest of her outfit.

I have some quiet piano music playing now, hoping it will help them relax, but I can hear them both tossing and turning excitedly in their respective loft beds, bare feet tapping and thumping restlessly on the ceiling and walls.

Someone just came down a ladder to open a window and climb back up.

Elli is back up to go to the bathroom again.

I hate to resort to this, but I think I should go clean the kitchen. I have found that the noise of pots and pans and dishes is very comforting to them and actually helps them fall asleep more quickly.

Goodnight, all.

Sleep well.


Hey! I expect quiet in there. GOODNIGHT.

9:17 PM Tano is up to use the bathroom.

10:34 PM Elli is up to tell me she can't go to sleep because she is too excited.

11:04 PM I can finally hear heavy breathing from both bedrooms. All is still.

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alison said...

Resorting to cleaning the kitchen in an attempt to get them to sleep is a little bit like me, approaching 40 weeks of pregnancy, resolving to wash the kitchen floor on my hands and knees if Lydia was even a minute overdue.

Fortunately she was born on her due date.