Saturday, September 29, 2007

Insert Catchy Title Here

Usually, I can come up with some clever way to tie in an interesting story in to parallel whatever it is I want to say. I work hard to present things in a creative way.

But how do you say that your mother-in-law has terminal, stage four cancer and your father is currently in open heart surgery having a quintuple bypass?

I guess I just did.

Please pray for our family, both sides. I will update more later as I have more news and more energy.

And I will trust. I will continue to trust.

God is good. This much I know.


Sherry C said...

Really, I'm not as down as I might sound here. I'm just not feeling inspired to write.

Carol-Ann said...

For some things there are just no catchy titles and no catchy comments! Praying for you all!

alison said...

I have been thinking about you and will continue praying.

I hope your travels were easy.

Update as you are able.

P.S. You don't sound down and, of course, you don't feel inspired to write.

Anonymous said...

Been pray for your familu all ay. Did not know about the other side of the family till just now. Here's a title: "God is in the valley too."
Uncle Ed

CML_Shearings said...

I was just reading your Mom's updates when she phoned. PTL! Larry has survived the long surgery. Can you update us on Judy? She seemed to be doing "ok" when I visited the morning after her surgery, but hear that you had to run her to the hospital for increased abdominal pain?! Y'all remain in our prayers.

Eagle-eye Di said...

Sherry,our prayers are with you all.I love you lots ya know.Hang in there.