Monday, August 06, 2007

Young Lives Camp 2007--Wildhorse Canyon, Oregon

Teen moms are accustomed to being stared at, or worse yet, ignored.

Teen moms are often rejected by society, by their friends, and sadly, by their families.

Teen moms have had their childhoods cut short. They are no longer fun-loving kids, but they are not yet accepted into the world of adults, either.

Teen moms often feel trapped and alone, rejected and hopeless, and find their babies to be the only ones who love them unconditionally.

Teen moms long for more.

Here are some images of moms and their babies at Young Lives camp. They found acceptance, love and support there, and were introduced to an Everlasting Father who would love them and their babies no matter what. Like the woman at the well, they met a Man who knew all about their pasts and went out of His way to meet with them anyway, giving them hope for their futures. They learned about a God who chose an unwed teenage mother to carry the Hope of the world.

Please don't just ooh and aah over the babies, cute as they are. Look into the girls' faces. See them for who they are--daughters of the King, worthy of our compassion and care.

My sweet ten month old girl, Seleana, and her terribly shy 15 year old mama, Elizabeth...

We were not just there to change diapers.

We were there to change the world.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for what you did, Sherry. You did what you could.

AmberJ said...

My favorite is the girl and her baby in the top left photo. The girl's smile is coming from the inside.

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry C said...

Amber, do you know any of these girls? I know mine is from Clark County.

AmberJ said...

No, but a couple of them look familiar.

Selene, Emilie, and Jenny (leader) all said the week was great and the girls had a great time. So, thanks again for doing the bidding of your servant's heart. These girls definitely deserve the week they got!
(Except the bus ride home was sans air conditioning! What a way to end the week...)

Anonymous said...

You are demonstrating genuine religion to those who need it most.
James 1, last verse!
God bless you
Uncle Ed

Eagle-eye Di said...

What a wonderful way to follow and do the Lord's calling for you.These girls have made life changing mistakes but the Lord loves them just the same as the rest of us.They need our unconditional love and everlasting forgiveness that the Lord has bestowed on everyone of us.It had to have been a fantastic week for them to have some fun and learn more about our amazing Lord's loving forgiveness.Do you know how many asked the Lord into their hearts this week?May the Lord bless you Sherry for your faithfullness and love given to one and all.We love you Sherry.

Sheila said...

Great pics! You look FANTASTIC! Those girls were blessed to have you loving their babies.